Real Estate When Big Tech Takes Our Culture…                       “We need some drumsticks. I can’t find my drumsticks!” said the drummer for Ben Harper. I was working in cable access television at the time, and was setting up lights and tripods to interview Harper. (If you’re unfamiliar, search for him online – he’s […]
Affordable Housing The ‘R’-Word Has People Panic Stricken! I’ve been seeing the word “Recession” a lot in the news and I have several people ask me about it in terms of buying or selling a house. So I took the opportunity to call up Matthew Gardner, the Chief Economist for Windermere. Side note: Windermere is the only Real Estate company in the region […]
Economy Americans are now worth $100 Trillion, but the top 10% own almost all of it.   Believe it or not, the bottom 50% of American households represent only 10% of the country’s wealth. Put another way, the wealthiest 10% of Americans are worth more than the other 90% of people combined. Think about that for a minute. The raw numbers are laid out in a fascinating article in the Wall […]
Economy Is the iBuyer a thing now?   The latest buzz in the Real Estate world is the concept of the iBuyer. Basically, it’s the idea that when a consumer is thinking about selling their home, they can simply go online and sell it with minimal hassle and fuss. Just click a version of the “Buy My House” button, provide some personal […]
Affordable Housing The Gentrification Of Seattle From Two Angles. By Ron Upshaw and Logic Amen.   I’ve spent a good chunk of my life living in “transitional neighborhoods.” At least that’s what they were called when I bought in. Now these areas are being referred to as a “gentrifiable census tracts.” Seattle is now the 3rd most gentrifying city in America according to a […]
Children BLOG 4 | Why your newborn baby should have her own house. I recently had lunch with a good friend of mine who’s about to have a baby girl. Through the course of our conversation I said, “Have you ever thought about buying a house for your baby?” There was a bit of an awkward pause, and she responded, “What do you mean?” I then started to […]
Eastside BLOG 3 | What Set Of Problems Do You Want? (And “None” is not an answer) What set of problems do you want to have? This was the topic of conversation I was having with my Dad as we drove around in Naples Florida on my recent visit there. I was marveling at the local housing prices after I popped into an open house near my folks place. The average price […]
Affordable Housing BLOG 1 | Wait, 12 Unrelated Adults Can Move In Next Door? The Seattle City Council just unanimously passed a new set of regulations that would allow up to three dwelling units on residential lots in the city. So who are the winners and who are the losers in this decision?  As with everything in Seattle Politics, the real answer is “it depends.” One camp is furious […]
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